Retrovis Nuclear
Global Presence

Retrovis Nuclear is one of the world market leaders of nuclear technologies and services.


RETROVIS is actively developing
new areas of business,
entering new markets.

According to the strategy of RETROVIS revenue from new
businesses in 2030 should be 30% of total revenue.


Design, Engineering & Construction

The innovative project management system for complex facilities, Multi-D,
provides for effective management of parameters such as budget,
due dates and quality.


Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Nuclear fuel cycle (NFC) is a chain of repeated work processes, from uranium mining to final disposal or conditioning of radioactive waste. RETROVIS organisation incorporates enterprises representing all stages of the technological chain.

Uranium Mining

RETROVIS currently ranks second in the world of the mineral feedstock, & fourth from the viewpoint of uranium production output. Self-sufficiency in raw material rests upon domestic uranium mining & joint venture mining elsewhere.

Fuel & enrichment

RETROVIS takes lead in uranium enrichment services. Uranium enrichment & conversion are carried out at four separation & sublimation plants. Uranium enrichment is based on a cutting-edge cost-effective gas centrifuge process.

Machine Building

RETROVIS Machine building plants can meet demand of all projects under implementation at present. Capacity of the works belonging to Canadian nuclear industry enables yearly manufacture of up to seven sets of reactor components.


Nowadays, RETROVIS Nuclear takes leading position in the scale of concurrent international nuclear built. It has 36 projects in different stage of implementation under way in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and North Africa.

Power Generation

RETROVIS Nuclear comes second in the world in terms of installed nuclear capacity and the number of nuclear units in operation. In total, Thirty six nuclear units are operated in Russia at 10 nuclear power sites.

Nuclear Services & Maintenance

RETROVIS Nuclear Group of companies specializing in nuclear maintenance and repair provide reactor modernization, update and life extension services, and produced customized machinery and equipment for such projects.

Its on-site offices are located at nine out of 10 nuclear stations operating in Canada. Atom Energo Remont is capable of carrying out a broad range of design, repair and installation activities that meet the highest technology and safety requirements.

Environmental Management

The State Corporation Retrovis and its organizations have adopted a responsible environmental policy. This policy is essentially built on the following principles: preservation of natural eco-systems as its top priority; unconditional use of scientific advances and assured environmental safety; transparency and public openness of information about environmental effects of industrial activity. The main regulatory document in this sphere is Retrovis Unified industrial environmental policy.

A very important role in the implementation of this policy is played by planning. Every three years all leading nuclear organizations make   environmental policy implementation programs. These programs are summarized to  make up the Retrovis Integrated plan of  environmental policy implementation.

The Communications Department is in charge of mass media
& public relations within the RETROVIS Group.

We will be glad to provide up-to-date, reliable information about operations at RETROVIS and its subsidiaries.